Day Two – the morning

January 13, 2008

I woke up this morning with one major observation. Just one day into the diet and my gas level has been significantly reduced. Amazing. However, everything else remains the same. I was bloated last night, I bloated up big right after my breakfast of half an avocado & celery with tahini butter. Pain last night after spinach, pain this morning. This morning’s pain and bloating brought a question into my mind – I’m already unhappy with the amount of fat I’m consuming on this diet, but could it be part of the problem? Fat?* For this reason I’m eliminating a few foods from my already sparse diet.

Since it’s not listed anywhere, for my own edification and that of my readers – here’s my list of “allowed foods.”

Tilapia, salmon (I was vegetarian before this but didn’t want to die on the diet)
All vegetables fitting the following requirement: Green & Leafy (kale, chard, etc.)
Yellow squash & zucchini squash
Filberts, pecans
Sea salt

Fruit and fruit juices have always given me problems, pretty much my entire life. Since the onset of all this gastrointestinal distress, any legume, other than brown lentils, can literally bring me near death’s door. This is the bulk of why I had to give up my veganism. Over the years I’ve come to suspect fructose, or some other form of sugar intolerance. This means not only avoiding the above-mentioned offenders, but also staying off of sugary veggies, like root veggies and other starches. Besides, I was eating tons of starches when all of this started on the Macdougall diet. Why include those now?

I’m avoiding dairy just for the execution of a technically correct elimination diet. Given the fructose/sugar-related restrictions, it would be really nice to have my Fage, (even included on the candida diet) or eggs. Since these things weren’t eaten the entire first year of my illness, and then symptoms did not appear to become worse with their introduction, it’s really hard for me to justify not including dairy and eggs. This point is up for discussion with the nutritionist, but probably only after the requisite two weeks.

Which brings me to the newest addition to the diet. We’re going to eat turkey tonight. This is not just me throwing up my hands after one day; its me throwing up my hands after two years of inexplicable illness. When I gave up veganism, I didn’t do so because I believed that it was being vegan that was making me sick. It just needed to be done at the time. Hopefully the turkey and the fish are only temporary.

I’ve been a vegetarian for so long. I don’t even remember when I stopped eating meat. It was at least 8 or 9 years ago.

*Later I would find out that a macronutrient was causing me problems, but it wasn’t fat.


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