Day Two

January 14, 2008

Turkey is being saved for tomorrow’s lunch. I did taste it though. Husband baked it with organic cold pressed olive oil and the poultry mix of herbs from Whole Foods. It was really good but had a strange texture. Dinner was steamed kale and salmon. There is jasmati rice for tomorrow. I think I’m going to try and concoct a salad with broccoli sprouts, red leaf lettuce, avocado and endive. The problem is salad dressing. I typically use vinegar or something low calorie and low-fat from Annie’s. Vinegar is out, however, so it looks like I’ll be pouring more oil down my gullet. I can’t describe the phobia that I have of oil. I know its healthy fat, but between the years I worked at a natural grocery (all the deli food was delicious but slathered in olive and sesame oil) and the gallbladder removal last year, I can’t help but fear it.* The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook allows lemon, and even encourages it, but my nutritionist does not, and I also fear lemon, with its high acid content. Speaking of acid, I had a 16 oz iced coffee from Whole Foods today. It felt like cheating, but my nutritionist and I discussed it last week – I am supposed to be using the coming week to wean off coffee rather than come off it cold turkey. I should probably be proud of myself, considering that this weekend was supposed to be easing into the diet, but I’ve actually jumped right in. I didn’t even drink coffee yesterday; just had black chai. So tomorrow a 12 oz coffee should do the trick.

I suppose no elimination diet blog would be complete without a frank discussion of gas and bowels. I can say that again the much decreased volume of gas continues, although I am by no means completely gas-free. Unfortunately, belching continues, and the bloating continues too. Oh and yeah you wouldn’t believe what came out of me earlier today. That was a little surprising given that its only been a day and its not as if I existed on McDonald’s up until Friday or something.

Back to a more societally acceptable topic: it would seem that I should have a lot more to say about the turkey and the vegetarianism. This is a perfect medium, and I do have many thoughts on the subject, and many mixed feelings. Yet I find myself far too tired to really go into it. Kind of like everything else. This sickness has taken its toll. This diet is doing the same.

*Fear of fat was not long for this world…


One comment

  1. Remember that time when you were making your salad and I was reading this post and I was all like, “Hey. Don’t forget the avocado in your salad.” And you were like, “Oh! That’s right. Are you reading my blog.” And I was like “Yeah”.
    Man. Day Two. Those were some times.

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