Week one summation

January 20, 2008

Having finished Day 7 of the Elimination Diet, I am now half way through the first and strictest phase.

I’ve made a few discoveries, nothing in big neon lights. There seems to be two types of bloating, one that is up high and starts just below my bra, and one that is down lower, beneath my waist. Obviously one type of bloating is occurring in the stomach and one in the colon. This may seem that it should be more than obvious to someone who has lived with bloating for two years, but I really never understood the difference between the two before. I think this may be because the first bloating I ever noticed was the high kind – I probably got the low bloating before but just thought my belly was poking out a lot. Anyway, the only kind of bloating I’ve gotten on this diet is the low bloating. This kind can be sucked in for appearance concerns and often dissipates in a few hours. Which is good – its the high, stomach bloating that is less comfortable, more painful, and more difficult to hide.

Then there’s my mood. Thursday and Friday of this past week I woke up with most strange sensation – a feeling of utter and complete joy. Even getting my period and horrible cramps couldn’t weigh me down. I don’t know if this was some offending food finally being cleansed out of my diet, or if the feeling stemmed from pride in myself at sticking to the regime. I know that with the dairy added back in (my nutritionist went ahead and allowed simple, clean diary such as goat cheese, organic milk, and natural yogurt) I feel like I’m cheating, so its not likely pride. Friday night I spent an hour or so at the health center getting test results (an MRI that was totally normal) and I knew this would bring me down a bit. Then I also got into a spat with my husband, so by the time Saturday morning rolled around, my mood wasn’t as elated.

Speaking of Saturday, I tried what most folks probably wouldn’t while on this diet. I went on a three-hour Circle Line tour around Manhattan with my husband and some friends and afterward we headed out to a movie. Everyone ate popcorn and drank sodas and even though I brought some Fage with me, I was starving, because of course it was an outing of about seven hours total by the time we were all done with everything.

Other ongoing things – still way less gas, now notably less belching. Today unfortunately, I’m actually a bit constipated. I wonder if this is too much dairy. I’ve basically been living on goat cheese and kohlrabi. I guess I’ve found the things I most enjoy and am sticking with them.

I’m looking forward to the end of this diet. I drank coffee everyday until today – I actually went caffeine-free today until tonight. My husband brought home Dr. Weil’s jasmine white so that I could feel like I’m drinking during our Indiana Jones marathon. So that will be my first caffeine for the day, but I figure I won’t have coffee until Saturday of next week. I’ll add it back in after the fourteenth day, when I get to add eggs.

It’s truly amazing how just being able to smell something makes it easier to deal with not having it. The smells of popcorn, orange juice, coffee, and all sorts of other cravings and temptations have really helped.


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