Whatever day we’re on now

January 21, 2008

I’m sick to death of this diet. I thought keeping this blog would help me hold onto an “on a quest” feeling, but its not really working. Today I made flatbread from amaranth flour and arrowroot powder and olive oil. It was amazing. The recipe, from The Complete Candida Guidebook, makes 8 little flatbreads. Of course I ate them all today. I had four for breakfast and was fine. Quinoa flakes for lunch today made me bloat up. I really don’t know if I am supposed to just deal with the bloating, as something like that probably would never go away in two weeks even if I was doing everything exactly right, or if I’m supposed to take the cue since I bloat every time I eat rice or quinoa. I don’t normally eat these things – except out at a restaurant or something. My nutritionist seems open minded enough but she really wasn’t open to me not eating rice, even though I told her this tended to happen.


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