I am so tired

January 31, 2008

of waiting for my life to begin again


One comment

  1. I know what you mean- that is exactly how I feel. I’ve been struggling to cure my SIBO since it was diagnosed about a year ago now. I’v had 6 months of antibiotics and 8 weeks on an elemental diet. The diet worked better than the antibiotics (xifaxan is not available in the UK so I am just taking broard spectrum antibiotics which give me terrible side effects) but I can’t get it down further than 30ppm on the lactulose breath test.

    I’m now on a high protein diet with only a few limited carbs (cougette and butternut squash). I am eating a lot of meat and eggs and nuts. Also having hard cheese and lactose free milk. I think it is working somewhat but I haven’t had another breath test since starting the diet. The dr wants me to take more antibiotics but I don’t want to unless he can get me the xifaxan which he can’t 😦

    Any suggestions to help cure this would be much apprectiated. I had also found the articles on RLS connection- I have teeth grinding when my levels are high this is another type of bruxism that I believe is linked. The grinding gives me terrible migraines and muscle tightness and aches. I get it both when the bacteria are blooming from eating wrong and also when they are dying off in numbers too big for my body to detox. Only thing that helps is activated charcoal which seems to mop up the toxins in the gut before they enter the blood stream.

    Good luck on your journey. Please email if you want to chat or compare notes.

    Kind regards
    30yr old female with SIBO- 50kg despite trying to gain weight for last 3 years.

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