Cornflake Girls

February 29, 2008

I’m still at The Daily Plate and can’t get used to Fitday or any of the other calorie/nutrient counters, but I will say that the environment there is a little stifling. I guess my bad for being annoyed by the very thing that attracted me to the site in the first place – the “calorie in, calorie out” anyone can do it mentality. I wanted it to be true so badly, many times 1200 calories badly. Now that I’m low-carbing it, I’m reading more posts in the forum on the topic and I really can’t believe how close minded people are. No that’s not it – I my mind was super closed on the topic at one time. What I can’t believe is how vocal people are about their close mindedness, and how they can be that way in the face of others who are screaming loudly “this works/worked for me!” they continue to make blanket statements about low-carb, statements that include the words “believe,” and “water weight” and “stupid.” There are also so many low carb apologists. They don’t do it long term, its not very healthy, but they feel just great, and hey it works! but they eat whole grains, don’t get them wrong.

It’s true, all carbs are just fine and everyone should eat them all the time. Or at least just eat the “right” ones, no matter who you are. People who restrict a single nutrient (unless that nutrient is fat) are just crazy and obsessive. It’s not healthy to cut carbs. And its not at all telling that there are currently three active forum topics on the Daily Plate about breakfast cereal (there is only one about chocolate and one about kale.) And one of them is called “Cereal = Crack” and there are over two pages of posts by women talking about how they can’t stop after one bowl and they’re obsessed with Cheerios and they could eat all their calories in cereal and have done so on certain days.



  1. Have you ever done anything for Candida albicans overgrowth. I have been exploring internet for my problems which happen to be exactly like yours. The inability to loose weight seems symptom is available only in case of Candida albicans overgrowth . I am sure you must have heard or read abt it but its the next thing on my list and the diet plan is similar to what you are already doing except that I am also fasting during the day.
    what are your thoughts ?

  2. BTW , nt to get mixed up I know that candida albicanns problem is different then bacteria overgrowth found by Hydrogen breadth test.

  3. CompProf, I’m not sure that anyone has yet convinced me that candida, in all but the most fantastic of cases, isn’t just a bacterial overgrowth or food chemical intolerance by another name. A (somewhat) similar diet works for all three, and only those preaching candida will cheer on worsening symptoms by claiming that a die-off reaction, or herximer, is normal. The internet is rife with folks who have been battling candida for years and have been losing….without offending anyone….I would put forth that perhaps their efforts would pay off were they to explore either of the above mentioned conditions. I think awareness of candida at least leads one in the right direction with diet, but I have yet to be convinced that anything else can come of it….

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