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Xifaxan – day nine (or “don’t give it to me – 9×3…you’re out of control, emotional symphony…”)

April 23, 2008

I wish I really knew what I was talking about when it came to nutrition, but I don’t. I only know that I constantly stride the balance between a biologically driven disaster waiting to happen and someone who learns from experience. I think that’s what most of us are. How much we learn varies. How willing to act on what we learn varies even greater. And how lucky we are when it comes to the efficacy of our application is an entirely different story.

Tonight I will take my 27th dose of Xifaxan, bringing my next to last day of the ten day course to a close. Each day has been different. I’ve felt pretty bad almost the whole time – physically and emotionally. Although I ran my first non-stop mile last weekend, my workouts otherwise have been kind of crappy. I’ve lost interest in work. I am generally weepy and tired a lot. I don’t attribute this to Xifaxan on the whole. I’m curious about a whole host of things. I have my period. I’ve been drinking Diet sodas again. Emma says that the effects of aspartame are worse after exercise and I live at the gym these days. I’ve been getting whole caff coffees rather than half caffs. I’ve been eating a ton of protein. And my carbs have been high – in the high 30s to low 40s.

The weight loss is going well. Its slow but not as slow as it had been. I think I’m losing at a pace that I can accept now. It’s for shame that I would be at or around my ideal weight if it had only come off like this from the start. I’ve lingered for a few days at my lowest adult weight ever. I’m looking forward to getting lower. I hope that a weekend in CT won’t ruin things. I don’t plan on eating off diet or anything, its just hard to know what you’re really getting when you are dependent on restaurants and the B&B kitchen.

I’m incredibly thankful that I had a chance to have a breath test and I’m incredibly thankful that I had a chance to take Xifaxan. And I’m pretty terrified that it won’t work. That’s where I am with that.


How does one shout from the rooftops?

April 16, 2008

On Monday morning I found out that my hydrogen breath test was positive for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Today is my second day on 1200 mg of Xifaxan. I am also taking VSL #3. I am trying to keep my regular low-carb diet with minimal lactose. It’s going well. I don’t feel so great. Kind of like a good day pre-low-carb. A bit of gas, especially at the gym. Some pain. Lots of rumbling, but some of it from places that I’ve never really heard rumbling before. I will start my period soon, so the little bit of bloating could be that.


As I possess my soul in patience and make as little noise as possible…

April 9, 2008

I really didn’t want the hydrogen breath test – getting it approved, taking it, waiting for the results – to be a big deal. I have been disappointed by so many test results before. But I just found out that the doctor has analyzed my test kit, so I’m all ajitters to find out……


The Hydrogen Breath Test

April 5, 2008

I’ve fasted for tests before but for some reason I awoke ravenously hungry this morning after a 12 hour fast for the Hydrogen breath test. It’s all very complicated – there are two sets of directions instead of just one and I feel like I haven’t prepared well enough. My dear husband studies the instructions like he’s preparing for the SATs, and I mix up the lactulose solution, which is surprisingly clear. We fiddle with the bag and when he thinks he’s figured it out, I start to drink. There isn’t supposed to be a taste to Kristalose, but to me it tastes like diluted sugar water. We start the test at noon.


It gets easier as we go as everything is already set up for us. We interrupt Mr. Brett each alarm (spaced 20 minutes apart) and I breathe in a bag. End of story. By 12:30 I want ice cream. By 1PM I really want ice cream. I also have really mild cramping and borborygami that worsens slightly throughout, but is really nothing to write home about. At 2 I am super cranky. I can easily enough blame all of this on drinking the Kristalose, but then we’re really getting into the realm of speculation, considering that I don’t know anything about the nutritional makeup of the stuff. I do have bloating, however, which can’t really be attributed to anything else. I hope it will subside.

As I write this, I have ten minutes left before I breathe into the last tube and that’s it! I can’t wait to have some coffee with cream, and eat breakfast/lunch. Then we’re going to the green market to get lamb steaks from Three Corner Farm and cream from Ronnybrook.


Yours affectionately

April 4, 2008

Once again I haven’t kept the blog recent. Tomorrow I’ll take the hydrogen breath test for the detection of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO.) I’ll take it at home with my husband helping. We’ll probably watch his anniversary present to me – I finally own the entire Granada television series with Jeremy Brett. If you’re asking which Granada television series with Jeremy Brett, you’re definitely here because of gastrointestinal problems, so you’ll want to read up on tomorrow’s post.
I’m scared of weight gain and cramping due to the test. I’m even more scared of weight gain and cramping all for a negative result. The doctor that I’m currently working with is great – he’s in the Village not too far from my work and he’s already made a lot of really interesting observations and even offered suggestions on the direction to go in once this test is complete.

In other dietary news, the weight loss is once again coming along nicely. Not as fast as I’d like, but I think I must just come to terms with the slow loser that I am. It seems I was pulling off a nice round 1% of my body weight loss per week, but today was an off-day on the scales, which could change everything, or not. Drinking a sugar solution that is sure to give me diarrhea probably won’t help matters.
I’m piloting a new name for the blog, as is obvious from the header. I think it suits – this really is likely to be a year without cake. It’s already April and I haven’t had even one bite. However, dear readers, my identity is sure to remain the same, because it is my business to know what other people don’t know about my stomach.