Xifaxan – day nine (or “don’t give it to me – 9×3…you’re out of control, emotional symphony…”)

April 23, 2008

I wish I really knew what I was talking about when it came to nutrition, but I don’t. I only know that I constantly stride the balance between a biologically driven disaster waiting to happen and someone who learns from experience. I think that’s what most of us are. How much we learn varies. How willing to act on what we learn varies even greater. And how lucky we are when it comes to the efficacy of our application is an entirely different story.

Tonight I will take my 27th dose of Xifaxan, bringing my next to last day of the ten day course to a close. Each day has been different. I’ve felt pretty bad almost the whole time – physically and emotionally. Although I ran my first non-stop mile last weekend, my workouts otherwise have been kind of crappy. I’ve lost interest in work. I am generally weepy and tired a lot. I don’t attribute this to Xifaxan on the whole. I’m curious about a whole host of things. I have my period. I’ve been drinking Diet sodas again. Emma says that the effects of aspartame are worse after exercise and I live at the gym these days. I’ve been getting whole caff coffees rather than half caffs. I’ve been eating a ton of protein. And my carbs have been high – in the high 30s to low 40s.

The weight loss is going well. Its slow but not as slow as it had been. I think I’m losing at a pace that I can accept now. It’s for shame that I would be at or around my ideal weight if it had only come off like this from the start. I’ve lingered for a few days at my lowest adult weight ever. I’m looking forward to getting lower. I hope that a weekend in CT won’t ruin things. I don’t plan on eating off diet or anything, its just hard to know what you’re really getting when you are dependent on restaurants and the B&B kitchen.

I’m incredibly thankful that I had a chance to have a breath test and I’m incredibly thankful that I had a chance to take Xifaxan. And I’m pretty terrified that it won’t work. That’s where I am with that.


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  1. I so relate to you. Just found your blog today 2/18. Been struggling for most of my adult life. So many things you say are exactly my experience. Living dangerously, living carefully, experimenting, and towing the line trying to do everything right motivated by pain and discomfort. Looks like I’ve found a great resource, will be reading for a while…

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