Baby we don’t love you baby we don’t love you yeah…

August 18, 2009

Um…I know all the blogs are all afire with the news of PETA’s new ad campaign, but having given up my vegetarianism while keeping this blog, albeit with little fanfare, I think I deserve in on this one.  Never mind that no one takes PETA seriously anymore, and they’ve long become pretty antithetical to the substantive animal rights movement.

I’m only going to give myself a few moments to bang out my complaint; as the whole thing just isn’t worth any more than that. Its just that with an eating-disordered population out there the size of my beloved city (that’s 8 million people,) and 7/8 of them being female, i think that PETA is incomprehensibly cruel to not just target overweight women, but then offer them empty, false promises of easy weight loss with vegetarianism.  Hey, fatty! Order our veg starter kit which literally promises that you can eat all the high carb crap you want and lose weight! Last I checked, floor-crashing HDL and deadly gas-passing did not make one beach-ready. Not that all veggies have insanely low HDL or pass horrid gas (OK they all do – I know because I used to hang out with them exclusively) but hey, obviously all women who eat meat are fatties too so whatever…Never mind the scientific evidence about dairy and weight loss, for starters.

Anyway, my 5-6 minutes are up. I haven’t bothered asking any of my vegan/veg friends what they think of the ad because last I checked none of them are 15 and I’m fairly sure that’s the only demographic left over which PETA has any “cool” sway…I’ll get back to SIBO in the next post, I promise.


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