Eat fat, not carbs

August 19, 2009

I was excited today to find the Gastroparesis & Dysmotilities Associations pamhplet on Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth & Digestive Motility Diseases. It looks to have been published in 2006 but its the first I’ve seen of it. I linked it to the yahoo group because I think its a very thorough document in an easy-to-understand format. The pamphlet really touches on some of the major points that are usually left to the more scientific literature, as well as on some of the less mentioned ones. I even learned something new; I had no idea that patients on TPN (total perenteral nutrition) have an increased risk of SIBO.

I’m especially pleased to see the dietary advice given in the pamphlet. Although vague, its clear and concise. On treating SIBO (or SBBO as GDPA refers to it) they have this to say:

“Initial treatment, for less severe cases of SBBO, can be attempted by altering the diet. This approach will not be for everyone since it requires restricting dietary carbohydrates and increasing fats. To have success the diet should be rigidly adhered to every day.”

They’re not kidding about rigid adherance. I’m the loudest, proudest member of the one-meal-isn’t-a-dealbreaker club, but all the same, sometimes it only takes one meal, or a few days of meals to derail good progress, or just leave you feeling lousy.


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  1. […] I have to admit that while I’m familiar with the GDPA’s work, I don’t frequent their site nearly often enough. Which is why I just found out about their […]

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