September 4, 2009

Oh man, pretty sure I’ve told someone somewhere before that fasting doesn’t help much. But now I’m doing it! I sure do hate fasting. I’m 13.5 hours into it and I haven’t really complained a lot but I sure want to! 

Probably only doing this for 24/48 hours because man I am way too big of a baby to keep this up. Bone broth and gelatin fast. More details to come.



  1. As I write this I am listening to the prayers of my Muslim neighbors over the loudspeakers throughout the community where I live. For them fasting is the centerpiece of their year (learn more about this at http://www.doeverythinginlove.com). Why is fasting so hard for us Jesus followers? Jesus said “when you fast,” not “if you fast.”

  2. that is awesome I am doing a fast as well

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