October 5, 2009

I’ve taken enzymes off and on. I’m pretty sure that in theory, judging the effectiveness of digestive enzymes is at least a little less subjective than talking about which probiotics work. Even though we all have different bodies and different needs, I am fairly sure that some digestive enzymes just suck, and others are probably pretty good.

That being said, however, I feel even more “in the woods,” so to speak, when it comes to shopping for enzymes. I’ve probably done about zero research on them, and although I have tried a few brands here and there, I couldn’t say that any of them made an appreciable difference in my digestion. I haven’t taken any enzymes in a really long while, not because I don’t think I could benefit from them, but because I just haven’t known which ones to buy. Shopping for them seems kind of…well, like a crapshoot.

So I took a chance and went enzyme-shopping. I ended up with Ultra-Zyme by Nature’s Plus.  It has ox bile in it, which I suppose I should be taking anyway since that I no longer have a gall bladder. They smell terrible and I am supposed to take them twice a day, rather than just with a meal.

I’m continuing with the oregano oil and I’ve added HCl back into the routine. I’ll update with any major changes. In the meantime, if anyone has anything to say about digestive enzymes, I’m all ears.


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