back on the xifaxan

October 15, 2009

1600 mg/day for 7 days. Each script for this stuff is a plane ticket to an exotic location I’m afraid I’ll never see.  Back on the ketogenic diet too.

Definitely at a low point. Feeling sick – bloating, body aches, brain fog. Spending a lot of time alone as I don’t feel well enough to go out as much as normal and my husband is working on a campaign. The weight is out of control. My body is still doing bizarre things and I get scared that I will never have a streak of good weeks/months again.

I’ve internet stalked some folks who I thought might have some good insight for the blog and the yahoo group and I’ve been ignored. I can’t blame them because its odd to be contacted privately and out of the blue but I would never turn someone down who asked for information like that. I wrote to Dr. Pimental with some questions on recurrance and I haven’t heard back; no surprise there. I’ve contacted some RDs in the area and what I’m hearing back about their knowledge of SIBO isn’t good news. Internet research turns up a lot of the same old forum posts/journal articles and even more dishearteningly, my own writings.

Then again, some things are going well. We have a new member in the Yahoo group and some enlightening discussions have been sparked. We’re possibly on the prowl for a doctor type that would hang out online and serve in an advisory capacity. I also managed to turn up a new-ish piece of research…for the second time. Its funny how bad brain fog can be. I posted the latest work of Dr. Pimentel (from June of this year) to the group back in August. Which means I obviously read it myself. However, it was all new to me when I reread it and found that he’s now recommending 50 mg of Erythromycin in a pediatric suspension as maintenance after antibiotic treatment for SIBO. Due to its pro-kinetic properties, E-mycin extended the time between symptom recurrence from 50 to 146 days. So I faxed the report to my doctor and I’ll be taking E-mycin after the Xifaxan.

And due to some of these enlightening discussions I just mentioned…I’m going to continue this yogurt/kefir fast. Its scary but after a gazillion recurrances with mere weeks in between, it cannot hurt.


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