post xifaxan / on erythromycin

October 23, 2009

A quick post to update…I finished up the Xifaxan on Monday. I have been taking Erythromycin at night before bed per Dr. Pimentel’s June 2009 study in Gastroenterology & Hepatology. My pharmacy only had 250 mg tablets, not the suspension of 50 mg specified in the study. There was an afternoon of discussion in the Yahoo group over dosage/tablet cutting, etc. and whether or not it would be safe or effective to take the Erythromycin in this way. Frustrated, I wrote to Dr. Pimentel to ask his take; he wrote back right away and said cutting the tablets in quarters should be just fine. (I had the wrong address before!)

I’m not feeling god awful anymore but it is really too early to tell what I’m feeling. I get really atypical results with the Xifaxan; feeling pretty crappy while I’m on it, then getting great relief but not in the same manner/timeframe as others I see posting about their experiences on ibsgroup and other places. Except for the course I took in August, which really knocked my socks off, and which the effects of dissipated nearly as rapidly as they came, I usually need a lot of time and strict diet after the course to feel really well. So not feeling so amazing right now is not really important, but not feeling terrible is a pretty good sign. I’m still eating Atkins, and dutifully taking the Erythromycin at night. I’m trying to stick to three or four meals a day, and not take snacks, so that the cleansing wave of the small intestine has time to do its thing. I’m still not taking probiotics in any form (I hope I didn’t confuse anyone when I mentioned my “kefir/yogurt fast” in the last post – I meant I was fasting FROM these foods.) I took a closer look at the digestive enzymes I’d been taking and they had 3 strains of “beneficial bacteria.” Luckily I had stopped those during the Xifaxan (mostly out of laziness!) I’m picking up some ox bile today and I will use that along with the HCl with meals.

I had a conversation with a friend last night who is studying nutrition about vitamin D. I had no idea but she had also been having the odd, migratory, musculo-skeletal, or “bony” pain that I have been suffering from. She had also experienced cramping and curling of the hands and fingers. This is something I experienced back in 2007/2008 whenever I would finish my workouts, but it would happen in my toes and feet. She was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency this year and says that months of supplementation have nearly turned her life around. I’d already started supplementing only this week but I think I need to up my dosage a bit. I’m also looking into Calcium D-Glucarate. I could really use a good education in micronutrition. I tend to find vitamins and minerals about as confusing as digestive enzymes. Really, I suppose the only thing I do know a lot about is antibiotics. This is actually a great realization to have; one which makes me very happy. I stated in a recent post here that I was growing really uncomfortable with the amount of information I had collected and the amount of knowledge I had amassed about SIBO, since I seemed to be one of the only ones I was coming into contact with who had put in the hours doing the research. Lately however some of the discussions in the yahoo group are incredibly enlightening for me and I no longer feel like a walking encyclopedia of SIBO info. Because I long for knowledge and lately I’ve been able to gain so much, I feel I’ve become more open to some of the knowledge and information that has been out there all along that I may have glossed over or considered irrelevant for one reason or another. Which is a great thing really. It’s very nice to have one’s eyes opened. And I will update when I know more about how things are working for me.



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  2. SIBO is the biggest gut nuisance ever! It is far worse than colitis! I wish I could cut my bowel away and live on air

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