December 2, 2009

Something strange is going on with the blog; it looks as if everything past October is gone. This is probably only a temporary snafu, but I was thinking of posting anyway, so this update will serve as a test and a real post I suppose.

Yesterday I had flu-like symptoms, and when I took my temperature, it ranged from 95.5 – 96.5 F. Today my temperature is higher but not feverish, but I am home sick all the same, coughing and sneezing and sweating and as an added bonus I have menstrual cramps. Yesterday, in my non-feverish yet totally flu-like haze, I bought an Atkins bar. The small amounts of malitol and sucralose did not bother me as they have in the past. However, chocolate is not allowed on the low-histamine diet. The mistake caused me to consider throwing in the towel on the low-histamine diet, which has not brought about any changes. It had only been three days, but the person in the Yahoo group felt great after 3 days and began to add in the allowed carbs. I kept up the show, however, and just skipped out on food for the rest of the  work day, not being too hungry anyway. I came home and had a few ounces of lamb and a half cup of homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. I also ate a small amount of peanut butter and ricotta cheese and pecans. I was so bloated and miserable all night.  Today I started my period so whos to say what is and isn’t making me ill, between the flu and that.

This blog gets a lot more traffic when I’m feeling well. Of course people want to know how to be cured and how to feel better. I really want to know that. I’m tired of the things I want to be doing falling just out of reach. I’m tired of being someone who makes an effort to be healthy but keeps falling ill. With little colds, feeling flu-ish, etc. I have finally banished the migratory musculoskeletal pains, “bone pain” as I used to call it, and I think this is thanks to mega-dosing with Vitamin D. I’m super grateful that they are gone; the pain was really debilitating at times. But I am still dealing with the bloating and distention, the abdominal cramping, the weight gain, the sneezing and runny noses, and now dizziness and achiness. I am going to see a new doctor towards the end of the month. We have to wait until then because he is outside the union healthcare system, which means I will have to pay out of pocket. He is a holistic doctor, and some of his patient testimonials talk about how he helped people fix their subclinical thyroid and yeast issues. I have held some pretty firm anti-candida views in the past. However, at this point I’m fairly willing to believe that if bacteria can overgrow, then yeast can too. And I’m nearly positive that my thyroid is busted. Test results be damned. So I’m hopeful.



  1. […] was naming them all for me. Salt cravings, weight gain, inability to get warm, low blood pressure, lots of colds, PMS and painful periods. He definitely listened to me when I talked but he did tell me pretty […]

  2. I am so sorry if you have covered this elsewhere in your blog – so, my humble apologies if I am asking you something stupid. However you seem to include a fair amount of dairy products: ricotta, cheese, chocolate, milk kefir. Dr Pimentel advises avoiding milk (cow’s milk). I feel clinically depressed within hours if I eat cow’s milk foods.

    “When a normal, healthy person drinks one cup of milk, the amount of lactose sugar it contains requires almost the entire length of small intestine to absorb it. Humans are all relatively deficient in the lactase enzyme necessary to assimilate lactose, and as we age, our lactose intolerance becomes even more pronounced because our stores of lactase enzyme are reduced over time. Any sugar that’s reaching the farthest parts of the small bowel will feed any bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. As the bacteria feed on this sugar, they ferment it most readily, creating gas. [pimentel – http://www.anewibssolution.com/faq.htm%5D

    Also, I notice that you are eating potatoes. They are pure starch (carbs). I avoid them and all starchy vegetables (turnips, swedes, sweet potato, parsnips) because of their high carb content. I am wondering if I am doing that unnecessarily? My diet is mainly lean meats, oily fish, eggs, seeds and nuts, non-starchy vegetables, coconut oil for cooking, herbs and spices. No fruit, dairy, sugar, starchy vegetables, grains, vinegar or yeasty foods. Blah!

    N x

    • Neukoln, thanks for all the great comments, including this one. Please suspend the apologies 🙂 and ask away any time! I am going to try and get to all your comments as quick as I can. But to tackle this one for now….

      I was vegan when I “came down with” SIBO. I added dairy back in a year or so after dealing with SIBO symptoms and never noticed a difference. That is the purely emotional, subjective reason why I continue to eat it. That, and, it tastes great and I love it and am probably addicted to all the opiates in milk. I play with it from time to time now; something I never did before. Right before my vacation in March I gave it up for a week. I lost my appetite completely and lost five pounds. Great. No change in hives, Rosacea, stomach symptoms. I added it back and to my surprise I did not regain the 5 pounds. So I haven’t quite gotten around to getting rid of it again. Although another dairy-free trial is in the works.

      As far as potatoes go – I eat these when I am feeling good, or when I’m feeling really bad. ALL starches used to bother me quite a bit; I couldn’t even eat rice. Today, however, small quantities of white rice and white potatoes (no skin) are just fine. But seriously the catch is that they are small. If I can’t control myself (which is likely to happen with carbs of any kind) and eat more, then I am in trouble…

      I am not eating either of these foods right now as I have been back on the ketogenic diet for a bit.

      And you called it on the vinegar! I am avoiding it like crazy now and I notice a big difference. This is an upcoming topic for the blog.

      Thanks again for stopping by; I will get to your other comments, which I thought were all valuable. I hope you stick around!

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