Gluten-free SIBO-safe Pork Roast

January 8, 2010

I have never posted an original recipe here, although I do on occasion give shout outs to great recipes I find on other people’s sites and then make that taste good and don’t make me sick.

I have a new blogger friend; I finally am no longer alone in the world of SIBO bloggers. You may have noticed a link to Non-Nosher’s blog in my blogroll, an admittedly small, but growing list. If you haven’t visited the blog yet, you really must. I admit I haven’t yet tried Non-Nosher’s Gluten-free SIBO-safe Pork Roast, but my mouth waters at the sound of it.

No, pork isn’t really low-histamine. Yes, I am still eating low-histamine. As best I can. But I really want to try this pork roast. Look, if histamine turns out to be the cause of SIBO in everyone, then we’ll take this one back, but for now, I really want to leave you with this totally delicious sounding pork roast recipe! I’m planning to try it so soon.

Go here and get it, then go get a nice, humanely raised pork tenderloin and cook it up!



  1. So how does the histamine avoidance diet go?
    I’ve had troubles from IBS, which seemed to be caused by histamine intolerance, as the diet took care of most of my troubles. I’ve read that IBS is often caused by SIBO, and that the bacterial growth can lead to damaged gut making one more sensitive to histamine and also that the bacterial activity can convert histidine into histamine.

    Does it help you?

    If so I guess it’s one more thing I should add to my list of need-to-post-about on my new blog about histamine intolerance.

  2. Lizzebed, I found the diet very difficult (what’s new, right?) and was not sure if I was even doing it correctly. Therefore, I don’t feel that my results were very scientific, as I probably only gave the diet about four weeks of solid effort.

    I did notice that when I was able to stay on it, I felt slightly less brain fog and experienced slightly less diarrhea. I may in the future take it up again and see if I can get more out of it. Eating low histamine, however, as you know, can get crazy expensive and time-consuming.

    I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but there is a woman in my SIBO Yahoo group who underwent extensive testing for DAO levels and histamine intolerance, and it was found that she had problems with both – too little DAO enzymes and too much histamine in her body. She is taking part in a trial study of a DAO supplement and trying to keep a low histamine diet. She reports every now and then that it is definitely helping her to feel better, but she does still have issues due to hormone fluctuation within her cycle.

    I love your story and am glad you were able to have your problem with histamine identified; I know first-hand the agony of being told “It’s in your head” so the less you had to go through that the better! I will be returning to your blog to read more! Thanks.

  3. It’s indeed hard, especially in the beginning. Rather overwhelming, it took a while before I got it figured out. And I can imagine it’s even more hard to follow if you hardly notice any improvement. Within two weeks I felt really good again. So that makes it easy to continue the same way.

    And those female hormones, argh indeed. I just use the pill throughout most of the year, so I don’t have to deal with those cycles as often.

  4. mantap banget ini infonya 🙂 ,

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