A week without you; thought I’d forget…

June 26, 2010

…Two weeks without you and I still haven’t got over you yet!!

Summer is like the biggest test of my humanity ever. Ever! Always has been. And even as I age well, become more human each year, the realness of my own mortality bringing me closer and closer to a true appreciation of blinding hot east coast humidity, and making me friends with my own worst features (sweating disorder, too fat thighs and upper arms, too…burn-y skin and an overall paleness that borders on pasty,) summer gets stronger every time. What I mean is that I haven’t ever really liked summer. As a fat, sweaty kid, it was always the worst part of the year. Hanging out at the community swimming pool, getting made fun of by the skinny kids. Whatever. I grow older and I get to like it more. Because I have to; summer is just a part of life without cute coats.  I deal a little better with my own shortcomings; I get fitter and thinner and I adapt and cut my hair; I grin and bear it. I buy a bathing suit and lay in the sun.  And then when I think it’s all OK and I’m totally normal I get Rosacea. And now I have to spend all summer getting asked why I’m so red, did I get too much sun?

I did not take a four-month long vacation. I took a two-week long vacation. And when I came back it was extra hard to adjust back to real life. (Story of everyone’s life.) My laptop broke in February. Husband’s laptop started acting up. And the web policy at work blocked WordPress. So that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while. I purchased a netbook last week and now I’m really looking forward to catching up. I’ve been reading a lot, so now to get my thoughts in order and respond!


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