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A Year Without Cake Reviews a Website

July 13, 2010

About three weeks ago I got something interesting in my Google alert for SIBO. Not as great as the time I found Non Nosher’s blog, but still pretty good. On a Cure Zone forum, someone had posted that their IBS and SIBO was gone. The teaser text in the body of my email read, “Hi all, please visit my public site for more information regarding the natural remedy for IBS and SIBO. Mine was cured. This is not a scam!…”

So of course i clicked over, pretty sure it was a scam, but still… Only I found that the message had been deleted by a moderator before I could get to it.  I got it in my mail again the next day; different forum, same result.

So that’s all it took – two Google alerts and I bit. I had to know what was behind this.

This site tells a brief story about a guy with SIBO who tried lots of remedies but couldn’t find lasting relief.  And then suddenly he stumbled upon a natural remedy, and he was cured. And now he’s offering to tell you all about the natural remedy – for a $10 donation. (It was $8 when I donated.)

Yes, that’s right. I donated. Not because I thought $8 would buy me a cure.  But because I needed to know exactly what was going on!

And now I know! Here is my interpretation: Send in your donation. Wait 24 hours. You will get an email; it is well-meaning enough, I suppose, in which he will tell you what worked for him. That is, he will tell you what that substance is. He claims it is hard to get. But hey, don’t worry! If you send him another $8 (probably $10 now,) he will tell you EXACTLY where to get it. That sounds fair, right? Wait, what’s that? It totally doesn’t sound fair? Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m publicly denouncing this scam right now.

I know the effort that goes into being sick and trying to get well; this is all I have been doing for four years now. Do you know what I will do when I happen to come across something that makes me feel better? I’ll write in my blog about it. That’s it. The end. I’m not trying to be a jerk here; but a person who tries to profit off of a community they should be…actually communing with…is not cool. I sort of get it; if he were out there on the forums, and in my group talking about his “natural cure,” he wouldn’t be making any money.

So His decision to try and sell his “secret” is his own; I suppose I can see why he thought it was worth a shot. But he might have done his research first; this community (people with SIBO, IBS and Celiac, not to mention well-researched bloated folks) has done nothing for the past four years if not surprise me with its vast intelligence. This must be the reason why today, three weeks after i first encountered Mr. Adios, his posts are still coming to me in my Google alerts, and the posts are still removed by mods before I get there.

That’s my review. Two thumbs down. Don’t give this person your money. Spend it on yourself instead.