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January 4, 2010

I know with a title like that you are expecting a masterpiece really, a complex tirade bordering on manifesto, containing both opinion and fact, insanely well-researched but perhaps a little preachy….but honestly I think there are plenty of those out there. We all know how bad white carbs are for us, how good they taste, and how bad they are (I’m putting that point here twice for emphasis!) Making the switch as I did from vegan to veg to low carb was difficult emotionally; one thing that made it possible, despite the near immediate symptom minimization, was tons of patient research on my part. Reading blogs, books, articles, etc. about high fat/low carb made it really clear that it was not only going to help me manage my symptoms, but it would probably extend my lifespan and really improve my health!

Sadly, however, there was something differentiating me from all those super hardcore low carbers; something even more obvious than my tepid taste for meat – it was my desire to beat the SIBO and whatever else is ailing me so that I can once again return to eating carbs. I know. Its disgusting. High fat/low carb has done wonders for my health. My cholesterol has gone down from the 180’s (as a vegan) to 169. Go figure! My HDL continues to soar upwards and is currently at 85.  I could never lose weight as a vegetarian; but eating low carb I was able to lose over 30 lbs. I maintained my loss too, until this summer when I began to come down with symptoms of something I suspect I’ve been fighting off all my life – overt hypothyroidism (more on this later.)

So this is my dirty little secret. I dream about carbs. I wish for carbs. I desire carbs. Not just any carbs; white carbs.  Fluffy rolls, steaming baked potatoes, discs of sticky white rice.  And it is in the interest of full disclosure that I tell you this before I talk about the retraction I need to make.

A few posts back I wrote:

First of all, when you have SIBO, fiber becomes fairly indigestible. If you can easily digest fiber, I’ve got news for you – you probably don’t have SIBO. Secondly, most sugars aren’t digestible either, so if you have no sugar, and you have no fiber, all you’re left with is starch. And guess what? While Dr. Pimentel says you can eat all the potatoes, pasta, rice, and bread that you want, (and I hope for your sake he’s right) you may be like me, and those foods may bother you about as much as low GI carbs do.

Well, I noted earlier this year that I am really a social scientist, not a scientist, and readily admitted that sometimes I would be wrong about things. Who would have thought I would be wrong about something I could easily go to my bookshelf and confirm? But I suppose that is the nature of brain fog.  I am lucky that a  really astute poster in my Yahoo group recently pointed out to me the error of this last statement, the one about the starches, and I’m so glad that he did!  In A New IBS Solution, Dr. Pimentel does not actually say “Hey you can have all the white carbs that you want.”  He does allow potatoes, pasta, rice and breads, but his very specific dietary guidelines are actually self-limiting when it comes to these foods;  not only is all food restricted (to a certain degree) by allowing the patient only three meals per day, but portion sizes for these foods are explicitly listed; they are kept on the small side and the patient is allowed one per meal.

Personally I find it difficult to keep portion sizes small when eating white carbs, particularly starches. I don’t think that would get me any votes for “Most Unique.” I don’t want to speak for the original poster, and I especially don’t want to take his great theory and get all the credit for it. Maybe I’ll ask him to guest blog sometime soon. If a person actually notices symptom improvement with small portions of these foods that one doesn’t see when eating zero carb, then the question is this: given that one could actually control their portions….and this is the most important given…is it better or worse to eat these foods? A small side of rice with our brisket? Our boneless, skinless chicken breast between two slices of…white bread?

What do you think? Can you control your carb portions? I haven’t really ever tried. I usually just eat white carbs when I’m “cheating.” I’ve been thinking about a life without anymore “cheating.” I realize its not easy but maybe its worth it. Or maybe its a good resolution for the New Year to control my portion sizes (starches only – no gluten) Or maybe I don’t need white carbs at all. I’m just not sure which life is better – one with mastery over my surroundings or one where all temptation is ultimately removed.



December 2, 2009

Something strange is going on with the blog; it looks as if everything past October is gone. This is probably only a temporary snafu, but I was thinking of posting anyway, so this update will serve as a test and a real post I suppose.

Yesterday I had flu-like symptoms, and when I took my temperature, it ranged from 95.5 – 96.5 F. Today my temperature is higher but not feverish, but I am home sick all the same, coughing and sneezing and sweating and as an added bonus I have menstrual cramps. Yesterday, in my non-feverish yet totally flu-like haze, I bought an Atkins bar. The small amounts of malitol and sucralose did not bother me as they have in the past. However, chocolate is not allowed on the low-histamine diet. The mistake caused me to consider throwing in the towel on the low-histamine diet, which has not brought about any changes. It had only been three days, but the person in the Yahoo group felt great after 3 days and began to add in the allowed carbs. I kept up the show, however, and just skipped out on food for the rest of the  work day, not being too hungry anyway. I came home and had a few ounces of lamb and a half cup of homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. I also ate a small amount of peanut butter and ricotta cheese and pecans. I was so bloated and miserable all night.  Today I started my period so whos to say what is and isn’t making me ill, between the flu and that.

This blog gets a lot more traffic when I’m feeling well. Of course people want to know how to be cured and how to feel better. I really want to know that. I’m tired of the things I want to be doing falling just out of reach. I’m tired of being someone who makes an effort to be healthy but keeps falling ill. With little colds, feeling flu-ish, etc. I have finally banished the migratory musculoskeletal pains, “bone pain” as I used to call it, and I think this is thanks to mega-dosing with Vitamin D. I’m super grateful that they are gone; the pain was really debilitating at times. But I am still dealing with the bloating and distention, the abdominal cramping, the weight gain, the sneezing and runny noses, and now dizziness and achiness. I am going to see a new doctor towards the end of the month. We have to wait until then because he is outside the union healthcare system, which means I will have to pay out of pocket. He is a holistic doctor, and some of his patient testimonials talk about how he helped people fix their subclinical thyroid and yeast issues. I have held some pretty firm anti-candida views in the past. However, at this point I’m fairly willing to believe that if bacteria can overgrow, then yeast can too. And I’m nearly positive that my thyroid is busted. Test results be damned. So I’m hopeful.


Into week three…

February 25, 2008

…with the Atkins diet. So far I’m doing good. I’ve had an off-day here or there where there was a bit of bloating, mostly I’m fine. We had a normal weekend – we went out Friday night and Saturday night. I had a great time both nights – I abstained from food and drink (while out) and didn’t have any stomach problems despite my nerves (it was exciting to leave the house for a purely social visit for the first time since August!) I’m still losing weight – down 5.5 lbs now. I’m seeing my gastro on Wednesday; I will be interested to hear his take on my dietary protocol.