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December 2, 2009

Something strange is going on with the blog; it looks as if everything past October is gone. This is probably only a temporary snafu, but I was thinking of posting anyway, so this update will serve as a test and a real post I suppose.

Yesterday I had flu-like symptoms, and when I took my temperature, it ranged from 95.5 – 96.5 F. Today my temperature is higher but not feverish, but I am home sick all the same, coughing and sneezing and sweating and as an added bonus I have menstrual cramps. Yesterday, in my non-feverish yet totally flu-like haze, I bought an Atkins bar. The small amounts of malitol and sucralose did not bother me as they have in the past. However, chocolate is not allowed on the low-histamine diet. The mistake caused me to consider throwing in the towel on the low-histamine diet, which has not brought about any changes. It had only been three days, but the person in the Yahoo group felt great after 3 days and began to add in the allowed carbs. I kept up the show, however, and just skipped out on food for the rest of the  work day, not being too hungry anyway. I came home and had a few ounces of lamb and a half cup of homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. I also ate a small amount of peanut butter and ricotta cheese and pecans. I was so bloated and miserable all night.  Today I started my period so whos to say what is and isn’t making me ill, between the flu and that.

This blog gets a lot more traffic when I’m feeling well. Of course people want to know how to be cured and how to feel better. I really want to know that. I’m tired of the things I want to be doing falling just out of reach. I’m tired of being someone who makes an effort to be healthy but keeps falling ill. With little colds, feeling flu-ish, etc. I have finally banished the migratory musculoskeletal pains, “bone pain” as I used to call it, and I think this is thanks to mega-dosing with Vitamin D. I’m super grateful that they are gone; the pain was really debilitating at times. But I am still dealing with the bloating and distention, the abdominal cramping, the weight gain, the sneezing and runny noses, and now dizziness and achiness. I am going to see a new doctor towards the end of the month. We have to wait until then because he is outside the union healthcare system, which means I will have to pay out of pocket. He is a holistic doctor, and some of his patient testimonials talk about how he helped people fix their subclinical thyroid and yeast issues. I have held some pretty firm anti-candida views in the past. However, at this point I’m fairly willing to believe that if bacteria can overgrow, then yeast can too. And I’m nearly positive that my thyroid is busted. Test results be damned. So I’m hopeful.


The last days of histamine

November 27, 2009

Thanks to some enlightened and well-researched yahoo group members, and their forward-thinking doctors, a few of us are geared up to try a completely new dietary approach at managing our SIBO – a low-histamine diet. We’re still gaining clarity on the connection between histamine and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, so a review of the relevant lit is yet to come. In the meantime, you can do a cursory google search and see that the Rosacea community is ahead of the SIBO community in making this connection.

In the wake of Thanksgiving and yet another unsuccessful Xifaxan course, I had to throw something up on the blog about getting ready to trial this diet. I’ve had this entry up all day long; its been lingering in the background behind my work and research. It has actually been that difficult to think of the right words. This is only partially because of brain fog. And it’s a slow day at the office. Mostly it is hard to know just what to say about the duality of emotions that I’m having about this new approach.

I’ve been reading about food chemical intolerance since I’ve been sick, especially this site, of course, and I just never thought it could apply to me. Bloating and distention are so vague. But time has crept up on me has it not? I’ve had SIBO for 3 years now. I don’t just get bloated and distended. I have migratory myalgia. I have sleep disturbances. I am crazy tired. I have a low body temperature. I get brain fogged and confused and angry and weepy and terrified and anxious and I obsess on my own death. I didn’t just struggle to lose 35 lbs over the course of two slow agonizing years, I gained 2/3 of the weight back overnight after I bought the Nourishing Traditions book and made my own kefir and bone broths at home. I’m freaking out and the quality of my life is going down and the Xifaxan isn’t working the way it used to.

I thought being sensitive to food chemicals would make me special, and I haven’t, through the three years of shitty doctor visits and normal lab results, felt that I deserved to feel special. So I have yet to go down the food chemical path. Until now.

Will this lead to a more exhaustive investigation? We’ll see – this is really new territory for me and my diet is super histamine-y. I am tempted to jump into FAILSAFE but I think I should take things easy and first get used to a life without cheese. Cry.